Do Pagans have to except all religions?

As a Pagan, I don't know where the Pagan community got this rule that all Pagans have to except all religions. I don't except all religions because not all religions can be thrown in the same box so easily. It drives me nuts when I read and hear statements from people who try to compare Pagan religions with christian, muslim, jewish or anything. Pagan religions do not have the evils that are inherit in all abrahamic religions, nor endorse their kind of abhorrent actions. And to "except all religions" means I must except these immoralities as well. A good example is the Westborough Baptist Church. Their religion openly demands they protest soldier's funerals and basically crap on others without any care for those people. Anyone who talks about having to except all religions must therefor except the WBC actions and give them "understanding" and "respect".